People assume I'm full of hatred and malace, but I can't say I'm completely full of it. Maybe more like 20%.
I hate a lot of things, but I don't actually consider the things I hate to be important enough to feel genuine anger over. So take these with a grain of salt.

I'm equally as passionate about my opinions as I am my hobbies. Though, these are mostly some of my pet peeves and opinions.


Here's an old entry that has been here since the begining of my website. Most of you all know by now that I hate cake.

There isn't some deep reasoning as to why I hate it. I don't have any bad memories involving cake, nor do I associate it with a particular thing that I dislike.

I just don't like it. But I think what makes this dislike stronger than most is that.. so many people like it, and I just can't understand why.

Look, I respect what people like because I understand people have different tastes. I don't like eggs, but I know some people do, and that's okay. Maybe I'm just not tasting what they do.

But biting into a slice of cake is literally like biting into a dollar store dish sponge topped with icing. It doesn't even taste like food. It's completely processed garbage.

Cake is to sweets like a Mc Donalds burger is to dinner. It doesn't taste real. But unlike Mc Donalds, there's really no better substitute. A cake made by a professional or made with some Walmart cake mix, it all tastes the same. It's literally a sponge filled with sugar. It's disgusting.

People who lack basic respect

I'm sure we've all seen "rude people" written on webmasters' dislike list but I wanted to expand on this bulletpoint.
Of course this doesn't reply to people who are genuinely deplorable, but if you go out of your way to be rude to people that are doing so little as being annoying then god you're just immature.
It's not that hard to be respectful and there's not much to it.
You are quite literally asking for conflict if you go out of your way to be rude to someone who isn't even doing anything to you at the moment.
If you think that's cool or something then I've got news for you: You're not worth anyone's time, and don't act surprised when people show you that same energy in return.


I don't hate kids for being kids, they can't help the fact that they're kids.
But they annoy the hell out of me, and they should've went extinct long ago. We're overpopulated anyway.

Most people that have kids mostly do it because they want to have their "mini me" to dress up. Once they stop getting attention on social media, they usually neglect the kid.

My mom has 12 siblings. All of those siblings have more than 2 kids, and I was cursed with being one of the oldest cousins.
I'm WAY too used to hearing one of my aunts decide she just wants a new kid because she's bored of the one that got too old. She can't dress em up like a Barbie Doll anymore, and she's already had the baby shower where instead of getting gifts for the kid, she just got lottery tickets and beer.

Anyway, maybe that's just a my-family thing. Maybe I'm annoyed having 20-30 kids crawling up my legs after being forced into the family reunion.

I don't go to them anymore. Why the fuck is there a new baby every time? and I have to spend my time talking to them?

Twitter, Tiktok, and Tumblr

My friend likes to use the acronym "TTT" since it's easier to say than to list them individually.
I combine these three into one entry because I feel like everyone just knows what crowd of people I mean when I say TTT.

I'm not sure what exactly makes such appalling people congregate onto these particular platforms. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms have their own ups and downs. But for TTT, it's as if you're stepping onto an alien planet where being abhorrant is the norm.

I've never used these platforms myself, but their influence on the modern internet is too strong to escape. I have to constantly hear about it.

If I were to describe everything I hate about these platforms, it would mostly be about the people, but it would be way too long to even put here. So I'll keep it short.

I'm sure it's common knowledge by now that social media is designed to constantly shovel-feed you posts based on your interests. People there barely go on there to socialize anymore, more to just find people to create their own little echo chambers and circlejerk within them.

Most of the people who post more than once a day on those platforms lack any life outside of it, it's like their brains automatic response to serotonin deficiency is to post about shit and just HOPE someone agrees with you. And if they don't? Spend the rest of the day arguing with them, you've got nothing better to do.

I don't have a life either, I waste my days playing videogames all day. But it takes another level of braindead to believe ship discourse or whatever new label Twitter invented and slapped onto some random innocent person they personally dislike, even fucking matters.

DNIs on Neocities

If I see someone's DNI on Neocities, it's blatantly obvious they came from social media and only treat their website as an extension of such.

If you come onto Neocities and your first thought is who you or how you will be interacting with people, other than what you're even using your website for, you've already made biggest mistake number 1.

Personal websites are an extension of yourself, not an extension of your online presence.

There's no need for a DNI, because your website is a completely separate entity than a space where you're going to be social with people. That's why social media is called social media. The CORE focus is socializing.

If you want to have a DNI on Twitter, fuck if I care. I'd rather you socialize like a normal human being and confront those that upset you rather than put your triggers out in the open for all to see. But if you want to look ridiculous, that's your choice.

Though I don't think anyone on Neocities visits your website because they want to socialize with you. People look at websites because they want to see actual content, not your mental illness list.
Sorry, but no one cares.


I'll keep this one short. Most of these are internet related anyway, considering I spend most of my time here.

There are names for a lot of these visual aesthetics or subcultures that people post about. Most of the time these things are labeled as an oddly specific thing + core at the end.

The word weird already describes something that is weird. Especially since weird is such an subjective word. "Weirdcore" doesn't exist in the same way that "funnycore" doesn't exist. A describing word is not an aesthetic. If it were, then everything would be an aesthetic, and we would all be fighting over what classifies as "sillycore" because Person A thinks it's funny, while Person B does not.

There are some words that actually have history and meaning to them, particularly music genres such as hardcore or breakcore. But I see a lot of people online refer to music as their general vibe + core, rather than the actual characteristics of a song.

Yes, I am petty over the fact "breakcore" has become synonymous with "song thats just fast and silly with samples" despite it lacking the amen break, the sole definer of the genre.

I think if I hear one more person refer to Nero's Day At Disneyland as "weirdcore" I think I'm going to lose it.

"but but Spotify says-" Spotify tags are suggested by it's listeners.

16 Personalities MBTI

16 personalities is an MBTI test made by some dumbasses who think that they can guess the way your brain functions through an online test. Most of the questions on it are bias and situational.

Yeah, I'm a nerd into psychology, but I'm not the kind of person to take shit like personality types seriously. I mean, people are way more complex than a group of letters arranged in a certain way. People have reasons they act a certain way.

I use them as a general indication of how I "may be" and I enjoy having conversations with people about the cognitive functions and how someone might act if they use certain functions, but whenever I see people's bios include their personality types and absolutely nothing else, I can't help but just lose any motivation I had of being their friend.

I mention 16p in this entry specifically because I already know that you don't even know what Em Bee Tea Eye stands for if you add that 5th letter at the end (-T or -A) and are most likely doing it to use as some bio decorator because your friend sent you the link.

The 16p personality test is just as helpful at determining your personality as an online IQ test is determining your intelligence.

This isn't the reason why I don't like 16p in particular though, I just like complaining to myself about stuff that doesn't matter.

Forever under construction as I think of new things to add