Hello, welcome to my "about me" page. The page all about me, the webmaster of DOKODEMO
also known as Suni (soo-nee)

DOKODEMO has been a hobby website of mine since 2020. But my interest in web design dates back to 2018. At the time I had been looking for a place to host my HTML visual novel (which never saw the light of day), but didn't know much about coding or web hosts at the time. Then I stumbled down the rabbit hole of thousands of people all with a personal website of their own, which I thought were extinct from the web!

DOKODEMO is a project I don't plan on getting rid of any time soon. The website will grow and change along with me and my interests. Almost all of my interests are (or will be) represented on my website.

So about me... I'm a 19 year old unemployed highschool drop-out. I don't live a very eventful life behind the screen, mostly playing videogames, collecting, and creating things.

Besides coding, I like to spend my time sewing, making music, and 3D modeling.
Most of which I keep to myself, since I don't really consider myself to be an "artist."

Ever since I was a kid I liked to express myself. I never had many friends due to my eccentricity, so I spent most of my time alone. Because of that, I grew up with the internet and fictional works. A big reason why I'm a huge nerd today and haven't grown out of my childhood interests.
I think having a personal website is the perfect hobby for someone who enjoys expressing themself while also going on tangents about the things they like. It's not like anyone will read between the lines...?

I enjoy collecting things, I have collections for various things including (but not limited to) stuffed animals, dolls (ball jointed and clown dolls are my favorites!), CDs, manga, stickers, keychains and charms, trading cards, videogame consoles and other old tech devices!
I also collect things like business cards for the hell of it. I feel bad throwing them out... Oh and I have a few bones and fossils, as well as other animal remains.
Almost all of which were sourced ethicly as I don't believe in hunting for sport.
I live near the shore and we get washed up remains a lot, which I like to clean off and display. I see it as a form of rememberance to the animals. I think anatomy is beautiful.

Speaking of animals, I have and have had many throughout my life. People in my personal life consider me an animal father, it's the one thing I spend most of my time doing offline. The most pets I've had at once were about 13.. Most of which are "exotic" such as giant mantises and millipedes, axolotls, mice and rats. Some of my dream pets are jumping spiders, snakes, and giant beetles. But my all time favorite animal has always been... felines! I always have loved cats. There's not much to it, but who doesn't love cats?
Cats are more like us than any other animal... I think when people hate cats for being rude it's more of a self projection thing than anything else. I'm sure if you walked up to a random guy minding his business and grabbed him, you'd get slapped for it too...

Well, besides my interests, my friends might describe me as passionate and driven. I don't really have many goals in life, but when I have my eye on something you bet I will accomplish it.
I wouldn't call myself a positive or optimistic person, more like a realist. I don't have any wild dreams, but I don't think of myself as someone who can't accomplish anything either.
I try my best when I want to do something, and I'm not bothered if I fail.

They might also describe me as genuine and honest. I'm not one to lie about myself or exaggerate for the sake of being well liked or popular. Being honest is important to me.
Though I feel as if saying this will make you think I am lying, guess that can't be helped...

Oh and I guess that's another notable thing, I'm pretty unbothered by people's opinions of me and I think that's an important aspect of my personality.

I'm never bothered or offended if people don't like me or disagree with me. In fact, I encourage honesty. I personally wouldn't want to live in a world where everyone loves everybody and everything and there's no conflict ever, since conflict is what makes us value things that are most important to us!

That's it for now, thanks for reading about me.
I'm not the best at writing bios, there's just so much to someone's character it's hard for me to write down in one cohesive entry...
I have other pages here which you can check out on the side bar, things that don't belong in this long paragraph of a bio. You can find out more about my interests and hobbies, dislikes, peeves, and check some of my quiz results if you're interested.