Why I haven't been active

Created: Jan/5/2022

I haven't been updating my site recently, not that I'm really busy with anything. I'm just in a real bad depression. It isn't caused by anything, it might be seasonal. Things I enjoy, I cannot get motivation to do it. I sit down and work on my site for a few hours but I get distracted by other things or just don't have enough energy to finish. Then I kinda forget it exists and I never upload it.

I just realized recently I'm one of the top 10 Neocities sites. That makes me feel like I have to put in lots of effort to my site and keep it updated. Or at the very least, fix all of the problems that I haven't been bothered fixing for months.
There's like, an entire other section of my site that's just been unlisted. You can probably find things through the "warp star" but as I said they're broken.
I had to remove a few pages as well out of spite since some dunce kept stealing shit from me and my friend's pages without credit.

Oh and I should probably mention it here, I have many Weebring and Navlink applications sitting in my inbox, that I'm still working on adding. I'm not ignoring you, I just haven't gotten the motivation to update anything yet T__T

Some more life updates below.

I've been working on getting a job, ontop of all of this. Which I haven't been successful in. I'm the least qualified person for a job, probably ever. They don't even bother telling me why! They just turn down my applications with no explanation. How unfair.

I actually got a VR Headset for Christmas and I've been looking for people to play VR Chat with since none of my friends do. So if anyone wants to hang there, my username is Daecin. Just send me a request and tell me you came from Neocities. We can chill for a bit but I don't really have motivation to play games for long periods of time so I'll probably dip after 30 minutes or so. Argh!

If you want to just chat, please E-mail me. I'm not good with small talk at all, and I may seem disinterested at times, but I'm probably just tired. I really don't want to come off as an asshole or "too good" just because my site's on the front page. I seriously have 0 internet presense whatsoever. I'm the biggest loser imaginable.

Recent Wishlist: Puyo Puyo on the Switch. Any of them, I'm bored.
The new Super Monkey Ball for Switch, looks fun.
Project Diva or Taiko No Tatsujin on Switch. I'm craving rhythm games but Switch games always gotta be so expensive.
Oh and I REALLY want Banjo Kazooie. The original. I used to have it but I lost it. For some reason I just really want to play it again, it's been so long. I know it's coming to the Switch emulator thing but I don't have 50$ to spend on that expansion pass. I already bought the Animal Crossing DLC separately, which aparently comes with the expansion pass. I'm so dumb, I could've just bought the 50$ pass instead of the DLC without the pass bc now it'll be 70$ total to have both.

I'm also pissed because I almost won various bids for some Toro shit, which I have almost none of. I almost won an auction on Yahoo JP for a whole lot of Toro stuff for only like, 18 USD. But someone outbid me in the last second. Ughhhh...

Yawn, I could go for some gyoza right now. Soooo hungry.