Dokodemo's Tea Ratings

Created: Mar/22/2022

In my opinion, tea is much better than coffee. I like both, but tea is just.. Mmmm so delicious. My house is stocked with plenty of teas. When I have guests over, almost anyone could find a taste they like from the vast variety.

I probably drink a cup or two of tea a day on average. It's like water, but with a slight flavor. And it seems to go with every meal, unlike coffee. Which is more thick and rich. Tea has a very subtle taste. Well I guess that depends on how you drink it.

In this entry, I will be listing and ranking every tea I can think of, that I've tried before. Because I am bored.

Teas will be ranked based on their preparation, aesthetics, and of course, taste.
With a star rating of 1 - 5

Note: I will not be ranking bubble tea flavors. Bubble teas use green or black tea as a base, and the flavoring is separate.

Green Tea
The tea everyone has tasted and knows about, green tea. It's a very plain tea, and it's plainness makes it easy to transform its taste entirely. Either by adding honey, sugar, milk, or something else. Green tea is loved by all for its flexability.
Green tea deserves 3 stars. It's a great tea, but compared to the rest, it's one of the most boring teas to drink. It's normally prepared in a bag, because of it's popularity. The longer you steep it, the stronger the taste. It's nothing special in terms of taste, but it does have a pleasant smell.

Lemon Tea
Similar to green tea, lemon tea isn't that special. Honestly, it just tastes like lemon water. But warm. It's very boring, but its smell is amazing. Lemon tea and green tea are commonly mixed. Lemon tea is one of the most popular teas to sweeten as sweet lemon tea just tastes like lemonaide. I would rate this boring tea one star, but it gets two stars just because it smells nice.

Black Tea
Once again, very similar to green tea in terms of how it's commonly mixed and used as a base for other drinks. Black tea is one of those teas you'll find being served at a little preparation table in some sort of waiting room. It's good, but it's certainly not something I'd chose over anything else. It doesn't look special, nor smell special. It's mediocre.

Peppermint Tea
Peppermint tea is probably the most boring tea out there. There are so many peppermint flavored things in this world, you could probably imagine what it tastes like even if you haven't tried this tea before.
It tastes like peppermint water. This is the only tea I willingly choose to drink if I have a sore throat, as the mint feels nice going down. But that's it. I would choose literally any other tea over this, if I had to. However, solely because it's peppermint, it's a nice drink to have on a cold winter day, if you aren't fond of something like hot chocolate.

Earl Grey
Earl Grey gets 4 stars simply because I love it's name. It sounds very sophisticated, which is fitting for this tea. It's similar to black tea, but a little different. It's hard to explain what this tea tastes like. Earl Grey is not something you would add sugar to. If you like a more "normal" tea, I recommend this. This is the type of tea you'd drink if you don't want too much nor too little flavor.

Matcha tea has grown in popularity over the years, and rightfully so. Matcha tea is absolutely delicious. It is commonly drank in the west as a latte, but traditionally, it is made with just water.
Matcha tea is very hard to prepare. Matcha is made with a very fine powder, which is whisked until perfection. Even a little bit of moisture to the powder can ruin the entire thing. That's why matcha purchased from the store will never taste as authentic as matcha prepared by hand, especially by an expert.
Despite matcha being a very difficult tea to prepare, it is arguably one of the best, even if it's of a lower quality. From it's unique appearance, interesting history, to it's taste, and thicker consistency unlike most tea.

Chai is very interesting in the sense that it's more of a creamier drink similar to hot chocolate or coffee, despite being called a tea. It's one of my favorite drinks. When I was little, I remember going on early morning walks with my grandparents during fall. One day I asked to taste the drink my grandma was carrying, mainly because I was cold and the drink was letting off steam. I remember drinking the whole cup and immediately finding my favorite drink. Ever since then, I always have a cup of chai when I visit my grandma.
Anyway, chai is absolutely delicious. It's one of my comfort drinks. It's not too sweet like hot chocolate, but it's definitely very rich. Especially depending on how creamy it is. Normally you can choose between spiced chai, or vanilla chai. I don't have a preference. If I were to describe the taste, it would be kinda like hot chocolate with cinnamon and maybe a little bit of pumpkin pie. It truely does taste like fall, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys drinks like lattes.

Masala Chai
When I first saw masala chai, I assumed it was just another flavor of chai, like vanilla. However, masala chai literally means "spiced tea" in hindi. Its origins were from India, where they would mix spices like cinnamon and ginger with black tea. Masala chai is the more traditional chai, as compared to the milky latte-like drink we normally know as chai.
I was curious as to what this more traditional chai tasted like, and honestly, it was not what I was expecting. It was very bitter, but I'm not sure if that's because I accidentally steeped it for too long, or if it was truely that bitter. But it was better than I would've expected, despite it smelling completely different than what it tasted like. It smelled like what it sounds like, cinnamon-y. But it's taste was more like coffee, and it was a very dark brown almost black color when added to water.
I've only drank this tea once or twice, and it's not really something I'm interested in. But it's a very unique tea, and I recommend it to anyone whos looking for something different. I give it 4 stars simply because of how unique it is.

Ah, definitely another one of my favorite teas.
I always describe this tea as grandma tea. It smells and tastes like what a grandmas house smells like if she wears too much perfume. It has a very very strong smell and a very very strong taste. But it's not bitter, infact, its one of the sweetest teas I've ever tasted, especially considering you don't even need to add sugar to get such a sweet taste.
I call this not only grandmas tea, but grandma blood tea, because almost instantly upon hitting the water, it becomes a deep red color. It's fun to watch the color change, it's similar to when you put a paintbrush into water.
Hibiscus tea tastes less of a flower and more like a perfume that's supposed to smell like flowers. Maybe it's because I haven't drinken many teas that come from flowers, but this is one of my favorites simply because ot it's appearance and smell. But it is still a very delicious tea and I highly suggest anyone into sweeter teas to try this one.

I'm a bit mixed on this tea. It's very good, but it isn't super unique. But maybe it's because I've drank it a million times so I've gotten used to it. This is one of those teas you almost have to drink traditionally, in a fancy little loose leaf tea pot. It's part of the experience.
Other than that, I don't have much to say about this one. My grandma described this tea as tasting "like a flower." And it really does. It tastes like you milked the insides of the stem of a flower. That's all I can describe this as.
You can also steep it for a long time to get a very bitter taste.

The first time I had lotus tea, I was at a Japanese restauraunt and I didn't even know it existed. I was like "yo what the hell lotus tea? im gonna need to try some of that" and it was served in a fancy little pot with tiny little cups. It was so cute, but it smelled... so good. And when I tasted it at first, I wasn't a fan. but then I took a second sip, and I fell in love. It's currently my favorite tea. It's similar to Jasmine, but in my opinion, better. It's mainly bitter, but it has a sweet aftertaste. And it smells great.
Do be cautious though, if you let this tea steep for too long it becomes unbelievably strong and bitter. I normally steep it for around 5 minutes, for a strong taste but not too bitter, unless you like that sort of thing.

Cherry Blossom
This tea sounds a lot better than it tastes. You'd expect something rich and sweet, but it's not that. It's almost like a sweeter version of green tea. Fairly plain. It has a nice smell, and I enjoy drinking it. But it certainly doesn't live up to my expectations. Maybe it's because I've only ever tried this tea in packets, not loose leaf. It doesn't really matter how long you steep this tea, it doesn't really get stronger the longer you keep the bag in the water. It's an okay tea.