My personal collection of useful or interesting sites from around the web that I think you should check out!
I try to keep this separate from my "buttons" page which mainly consists of personal websites. This page is for resources, tools, downloads, and sites without a button.
Note: I try my best to make sure the things I share here are safe and trusted, but I may make mistakes. Please keep yourself safe while browsing the web and make sure you research before visiting a sketchy download page. If you find something here that's malicious in any way PLEASE contact me so I can remove it. But that's unlikely.
Also, if any of the links here are dead, please let me know so I can either remove it or replace the link with an archived version.
Thank you

Education, Tutorials, and Guides

The go-to resource for all things coding

Neocities Tutorial
Official Neocities HTML tutorial as a cute interactive comic

The Site Wizard
Very old website filled with guides for different aspects of web building. A good resource if you're tired of all the tutorials nowadays being too confusing, requiring too much unnecessary code, or built with the same ugly modern framework. Made in 2000, and still updated to this day!

NH Switch Guide
How to Homebrew (mod) your Nintendo Switch!

Aiston's RSS Tutorial
How to make your own RSS feed

Graphic Resources

"The Geocities animated GIF search engine" Indexed thousands of gifs from Geocities pages.
Tiled 90's backgrounds
Smiley graphics

More smiley graphics

Even more smiley graphics

88x31 button collection

Web Buttons
88x15 button collection (archive)
150x30 blinkie collection

Web Clip Empire (download)
75,000 clip images from the 90s

Tools, Generators, and Builders

Free web-based image editor. Has lots of options for effects and animations

Photoshop in the browser
Free web-based gif editor

3d text gif maker

Cut photo into equal pieces
Exactly what it sounds like

Dither Me This
Dither and reduce the colors of images

8MB Video
For us broke Discord users that cannot afford Nitro. (compresses videos to 8 megabytes)

Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator (currently dead, archives dont work)
Generate error messages from Windows 95/98 and XP

Window Creator
Basically the same thing as above

Effects for your blog! Has things like falling leaves, rain, snowflakes, etc. You can also create your own.

RV's Free Javascript/DHTML Effects
Exactly what it sounds like. Has things like rainbow text, falling rain, fireworks, click explosions, animated text, you name it.

Fantasy Name Generator
It's called fantasy name generator but it has generators for basically anything, fantasy or not. From character names, to town names, to object names, to slogans, even swear words.

Virtual Observer's Neocities comment widget
Neocities comment widget with fully customizable CSS. Unfortunately it requires a Google account and Neocities supporter.

Audio and Music

Free web-based chiptune creator

VGM Downloads
8000+ gigabytes of free-to-download videogame soundtracks

Sound Image
Massive collection of music for you to use in your projects. Has music of any genre or mood. All free for you to use, and all made by one very talented guy!

Lapfox Radio
Radio that plays Lapfox/Vulpvibe/Halley Labs music. Still up and running, even though no one uses it

Misc. Web Related Things

"BitView is a faithful recreation of YouTube 2008. Nothing more, nothing less. "

"Active Vintage Websites, Old Webpages, and Web 1.0"

File hosting service

Downloads and Software

Roms Megathread

Vimm's Lair
"Preserving the classics since 1997"

MarioCubeLite (archived)
Wayback directory of some dudes' WAD files (for Homebrewed Wiis)

CursorMania (archived)
Wayback directory of every single cursor from the now-dead site, CursorMania

Webamp on Desktop
Webamp is just Winamp in the browser, but what if Webamp was on desktop? Would it be Deskamp? Anyway this is basically just classic Winamp.

"GXSCC is a wonderful program that emulates a Famicom (NES) or SCC sound chip in order to play MIDIs. It can effectively make any MIDI file into chiptunes (aka '8-bit music')"

GB Studio
Create your own Gameboy game with this easy to use editor!

A hack for the Oculus which removes the ability for Mark Suckernuts to spy on you.
(You won't be able to remove this app without a factory reset in certain cases, so be careful and don't download unless you know what you're doing!)

Winaero Tweaker
Very cool customization tool for Windows 7 - 10.

Pepakura Designer (paid)
Tool that allows you to "unfold" 3d models into flat pattern, for printing papercrafts

Primitive Websites (That still exist!)

Super Famicom
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance
Nintendo 64
A bunch of console specific pages on the official Nintendo of Japan website. Untouched and intact.

Brian's SM64 Page
Brian's Super Mario 64 page

Cuddly Collectibles
Stuffed toy catalogue. Still maintained

Articles and Write-Ups

Neocities and a Lack of Passion
Well written rant about nostalgiamining on Neocities.

Neocities and Gatekeeping
Is it "elitist" to expect new Neocities users to know the very basics of coding?

Online Spyware Watchdog
"The goal of this website is to classify spyware programs, so that users can be more aware that they are installing spyware. This website contains articles on popular programs with explanations of the spyware features found in them."

Uncategorized / Other

Database of videogame box art

Status updater thingy. You can place the code on your page and it'll update automatically whenever you change it.

Explore your favorite videogame maps right in your browser
Browser VM of Windows XP

Windows 93
Parody of Windows 9x
A very cool Tumblr blog dedicated to retro aesthetics and nostalgia
Tumblr blog which posts scans of stickers

Boodle Box
"Your web page will never be boring again. Just pick up one of these GIF's to brighten (or dim) your web page."

Small Stuff's PrintMini
Free printable patterns for dollhouse miniatures! A personal favorite of mine