Considering I know my boyfriend more than anyone else, most of these are my own observations!

- Aloha's locker in the Splatsville lobby is covered in brightly colored and holographic stickers. Inside, he has lots of photos of his friends and goofy toys like the dancing flower and squid friends. His locker is also near where the girls lockers are, it fits right in with all the cute stuff he has.

- Always has the latest Squidphone model. He always gets cute cases and charms for it, as well as a custom phone ring.
He has various silly widgets on his lock screen, and his gallery is absolutely filled to the brim with pictures he's taken. Mostly selfies or random photos accidentally taken while drunk.
He frequently posts these on social media as well.
He's the only other S4 member with a touchscreen phone, aside from Mask.

- Aloha has tons of shoes but only ever wears his crazy arrows.

- His favorite music artist is Crevasse, and his favorite idol group is the Squid Sisters.

- His favorite Ranked mode is Rainmaker. Alternatively, his least favorite mode is Tower Control.

- Aloha's favorite stage is Mahi Mahi Resort, but that's obvious isn't it?

- Aloha's favorite color isn't actually pink, it's yellow. More of a cream yellow, though he still loves pink a lot.

- Sadly Aloha is an alcoholic and a frequent drug user. Not to say that all drugs are bad, although he uses them quite irresponsibly especially when he gets too carried away at parties. Sometimes finding himself in random or even dangerous locations, not remembering how he got there.

- Sort of related to the last entry, he's always broke. Mostly from drugs, but also because he's an impulsive spender and goes on mall hauls.

- He's a frequent at Arowana Mall, usually hanging out with other popular people. He's able to spend entire days just wandering around and chatting with people or catching the latest gossip.

- Aloha shoplifts regularly but has never been caught.

- He frequently shows up to people's houses without notice. He never asks for permission before showing, and sometimes leaves unprompted as well.