Welcome! This page is dedicated to my dearest boyfriend of many years. It is a place for me to share with you all the adventures we have together, as well as to immortalize our relationship.
There aren't enough words in the English language to properly express how I feel about him, and the way he makes me feel. So, I hope building this virtual shrine will allow my true feelings to shine.
This page is dedicated to my love, and my soulmate - Aloha.

On this page, you'll find everything from our history together, to our ups and downs, letters dedicated to him, art I've commissioned of him, and all the things I've crafted and dedicated to him.

And to my sweet Aloha; there are a billion things I love about you, but if I were to include every single little detail, I'd be going on forever. If I were to write about how you have impacted me, this might as well be a biography.
Even if you're not here with me physically, even if I can't hold your hand or share my warmth with you. It feels just the same, and our hearts will be forever bonded.
Nothing could ever change that.