F/O Questionnaire

I stole these questions from other fellow Waifuist's pages for their F/Os, so I can't link a specific source. Feel free to steal them or reword them for your own pages!

Q: Describe the moment when you realized you were in love!
A: I sort of go over this on "Our Relationship" page, but not the SPECIFIC moment. I think the moment I realized I was in love with him was years ago after a failed attempt at taking my own life. I felt so alone, but I knew he was with me and I didn't want to leave him. I wanted to stay alive so I can experience more things with him. That's when I realized my true feelings for him.

Q: Describe the perfect date with him
A: Well, I'm definitely not as extroverted as him. I love attending concerts and raves. In the past I never really had anyone to go with besides like, one person, so maybe going to one with him would be super fun!
I remember last time I went to a rave with a friend we stayed from 11pm to 2am, besides 4 other people on the floor haha. We were all exhausted from dancing. The rave itself ended at 3am, but we juuust couldn't make the push. I think it would be fun to do that with Aloha, he could definitely last longer than me... He'd also definitely pull me into the dance circle, which I'd be absolutely humi.liated by. I just know he'd have so much fun

Q: What does your husbando's home look like?
A: He lives in an apartment in Splatsville as of currently. It's really high up with a good view of the main plaza, which means he can see most of the concerts from his balcony.
He tends to keep it a mess although I can't blame him, my room's a mess too.
It's a one room apartment and he doesn't have the best sense of interior style and it's always a mess. I think he has a singular bean bag in there instead of a couch . .

Q: Is your husbando more active during the day or night time? Are they a morning person?
A: We are nearly complete opposites; I am a day person and can barely stay awake past 9pm. But he's out all night. I'd love to join him but I'd be exhausted after. Not sure why my sleeping schedule is so awful despite the fact I can't sleep... but I'd be so happy if I woke up to him cuddling me, passed out after a long night of partying.

Q: What song immediately makes you think of your husbando?
A: The song playing on this page! Aloha is definitely a huge Crevasse fan. Whenever I hear this song in particular playing in the lobby before a match, it reminds me of Mahi Mahi Resort, which Aloha frequently hangs out at. It's such a good song, and it makes me happy whenever it's on the radio. Not only cause it's good, but because we enjoy it together!

Q: Favorite person who's ever drawn your husbando?
A: Oh boy, there's a ton. I gotta say my top three however are baso, Sataro, and Stickers (page has nsfw)
They all capture him so perfectly, visually and down to his mannerisms!

Q: Do you enjoy your husbando's source material?
A: I'm a Splatoon superfan! It's probably one of my favorite series of all time. I even have a shrine for it.

Q: Do you have dreams of your husbando?
A: I haven't had any dreams where we've done anything together as a couple unfortunately. Although he has appeared randomly in some unrelated dreams doing random stuff . . for some reason

Q: Does your husbando like any traditional games? (Card games, D&D, etc.)
A: Hmm... I'm personally not a huge fan of table games aside from Chess, which he finds boring. I like Billards too, but I'm awful at it. I think Aloha would enjoy D&D a lot, but I haven't played it in my life. Maybe he'll have to teach me!

Q: His favorite flavor of ice cream?
A: Either mango, cherry, or blurberry. In that order. I'm not a huge ice cream fan, but I love mango myself. So if we were ever to share, it would always be mango!

Q: His favorite genre of fiction?
A: He's not a huge fan of comedy unless there's a romantic aspect. He's also SUPER into dramas and chick flicks. He's completely shameless about it though.
On the other hand, he hates things like documentaries cause they're boring. And surprisingly he also hates reality TV.

Q: What are some of your favorite physical traits your husbando has?
A: His ears are soooo adorable, and his sharp teeth. His smile is so contageous as well, I can't help but smile whenever I see him smiling (which is almost all the time. He makes me smile a LOT)

Q: What is your husbando's favorite thing about you?
A: For personality, probably my passion and drive. I'm always lookin for ways to improve during battles, so maybe we could team together and he could help me get better! I like to offer my team tips, which he doesn't really need (considering he is REALLY good anyway) but appreciated it anyway.
For looks, maybe my eyes and glasses. His eyes are a bright color, mine are as dark as night. Personally if I were to look into his adorable pink eyes I think I'd be a flustered mess which he would tease me for.
I'm not even a very shy person but he is just so adorable I think I'd die! And we'd tease eachother back n fourth. I love him so much.

Q: If you and your husbando were Pokémon Trainers, what Pokémon would you each have?
A: For me, I think I'd have Luxray, Sentret, Elekid, Zigzagoon, Sigilyph, and Magneton. For Aloha, I think he'd have Exeggutor, Lapras, Sharpedo, Chatot, Purrloin, and Primarina!

Q:If your husbando was a Puffle from Club Penguin, which color would they be?
A: Pink! Duhh

Q: Which Neopet would your husbando want to adopt?
A: Flotsam, maybe? To be honest I'm not sure! I never got too into Neopets.

Q: If you were to introduce your husbando to a video game you think they would like, which one would you choose?
A: Literally any of the Just Dance games on the Wii. Either that or Mario Kart. I think he'd like both equally honestly.

Q: How would your husbando react to someone flirting with you?
A: I can't say he'd get super posessive since he tends to hide his emotions a lot. Even if he felt jealous deep down, he'd still keep up his chill front. He'd probably call them ridiculous insults though and state that I'm taken.
Aloha tends to flirt with people anyway but mostly just to get under their skin, and it definitely doesn't bother me. So I doubt he'd be upset if I started doing the same to other people.

Q: Is your husbando familiar with how to use technology?
A: Well he's always got the latest Squidphone models although he's not too interested in the technical stuff. I'd love to teach him how to code someday, maybe.

Q: How does he cope with his problems?
A: Avoidance, and sadly stuff like alcohol and drugs. I hate to see him like that though . . .

Q: Silliest headcanon you have of your husbando?
A: He's scared of bugs.. TERRIFIED. Like, sobbing and crying in the corner because a bug landed on him. I'm not sure how it would work out when we live together and have to deal with a spider in the corner... we'd probably just move out. None of us want anything to do with that.

Q: Does anybody outside of waifuist spaces know about your relationship?
A: Yeah, almost every one of my friends know I love him. But TBH I'm not sure if they even know we're together. They probably just think I admire him . . Nope! He's my boyfriend, and possibly future husband!

Q: What is his love language?
A: Teasing, and lots and lots of touching and poking and messing with.