"So, who IS this Aloha guy exactly?"

Aloha (or 'Aloha-kun') is one of the supporting characters of the Splatoon spin-off manga created by Sankichi Hinodeya . The manga is officially licensed by Nintendo, and is also known as "Coroika" to differentiate it from the game of the same name .

Aloha himself first appears in the first volume of the manga, and is the leader of the Pink Team . He is also a member of the S4 - an elite group of top S+ ranking players - alongside Mask, Army, and Skull .
Aloha is initially shown to be an antagonist before being beat by Blue Team, then becoming a supporting character ..

Aloha, being part of pink team, is naturally pink . He has pink tentacles, pink eyes, and otherwise typical inkling characteristics aside from having thinner eyebrows than most . In Inkopolis Plaza, he had both of his tentacles tied back in a 'Topknot' hairstyle . In Inkopolis Square, he seemed to switch to the 'Hipster' hairstyle with a single tentacle towards the front .

He sports the Golf Visor, Aloha Shirt, Crazy Arrows, and classic shorts. His preferred weapon seems to be the .52 Gal, although occasionally switches to the Kensa .52 Gal specially to use the Booyah Bomb .

Aloha initially comes off as a cheerful and extroverted party animal. Despite his carefree demeanor, he actually knows more than he lets on and seems to be the brains of Pink Team .

For example, he has gone undercover in order to get more information about his opponents' strategies before battle . Going as far as stealing Safari Hat's identity in order to battle against Blue Team before officially fighting them as Pink Team .

Outside of battle, he is known to be quite flirtacious and a tease . He mentions
wanting to hang out with cute girls, although he
seems to not be as popular with the girls as Rider
(who he tends to tease frequently.)
Aloha speaks with a sing-song-like manner and sometimes trails his sentences off with a   ~♪

Unsurprisingly, Aloha enjoys throwing parties, especially with Pink Team . He has also memorized the addresses of all of his partying friends .
Aloha has stated to hate uncool things, and tends to taunt those he deems uncool .
He also loves surfing despite the fact that water is lethal to inklings.