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Back in the early days of the internet, most webmasters advertised their websites with little graphics to represent them. These graphics were known best as "88x31's", named after their resolution; 88 by 31 pixels.
(Although some buttons were slightly taller or wider, they were still known as buttons for the purpose they served)

They faded into obscurity in the late 2000's, but many people in the little web community today keep their spirit alive and continue to make and share these buttons.

On Neocities especially, a lot of webmasters will link to other sites they enjoy or are "affiliated" with through these buttons. They're more visually appealing than a plain text link.
Plus, they're fun!

Not all buttons have to serve the purpose of advertising your website, they can be decorational as well. Similar to Deviantart stamps, or forum blinkies, 88x31s can be funny, cute, or just for fun!

The first button to kickstart the button trend was the official Netscape button (Netscape NOW!). People remixed this button to be pretty much anything (ex. Catscape NOW!) and it was one of the internets first memes.
Eventually people broke away from the xyz NOW! template and just did whatever they want within that 88x31 canvas.

There are really no rules or prerequisites for making a button for yourself. Just open up your favorite image editor or art program, create a canvas at 88x31, and create!