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Player: Suni
Birthday: April
Joined: 3/22/2023
Card Count: 302
Trades Completed: 1
Sketchpads Filled: 0
Decks Donated: 0
Level: Red

April 27, 2023
- Received from Release 156: partygoer06, smiley07, theking04, pantsed13, ascension13, cocktail02, jiyuu02, sanpaku17, partygoer09, partygoer11, pantsed15, pantsed1, sig_suni
- Received from No Context Theater 311: X-ii16, clarity16, kanaan57914, bazooka11, harebare16
- Traded with crabg1rl: jiyuu02, fastball03 > megamerge10, wishes14
- Gift from crabg1rl: magnificent10
- Level up rewards: secretrooms10, secretrooms11, candywand17, ufo13, 77-b13, one-track06, 1 purple crayon, 1 gray crayon

April 15, 2023
- Received: 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

April 13, 2023
- Received: mukotsu10, lohenwolf17, vikingtiger08, innocence05, replicant16, shipwreck09, tensai12, thatched08, archadia18, popo16, fairy20, bluesky02, everything12, osu17, nintendo08, 2 yellow crayons
- Received: redeyed11, soapland07, unfettered18, soscary14, edin01, bite17, playboy05, energized20, darkmoon17, millenium17, therapist11, apathetic16, apos05, majority13, 1 brown crayon
- Received: libra11, report13, afraid10, ferocity20, hexed07, titrel11, nicknames07, intestines20
- Gift from misheard: handicraft03

April 9, 2023
- Received: commander07, niichan06, nurse11, lungs06, pompadour19, screams12, knotroot07, stress08, stress11, shouryuuken09, aokiji14, wildlife14, ducttape09, decalogue18, shouryuuken04, lungs13, hermit06, time03, lungs14, chainsaws02, arphage12, tenchou10, shouryuuken08, skilled20, petals04
- Received: elixir04, identical12, forehead06, northkanto10, lizard03, purification07, spacecase12, cerulean16, boat08, fastball03, handmaid09, clumsy01, evileye06, sweetscheme13, kiyohime07, tarasque12, vritra18, 72pillars08, countzero20, normalcy06, arcticwolf14, policeman02, puresavior03, kuga-p10, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon
- Received: over900018, witness01, saiyan15, shigofumi14, ais20, provider20, kore05, flirt17, mentaltrace01, tsuguko06, humble18, tuning04
- Received: wingzero18, overblot11, mechapaniq15, whither14, flailsword15, ankimo05, pecking12, renegades17

April 7, 2023
- Received: catsuit18, split14, blackjack06, silentway14, swiftblade17, littlebird08, bikes19, nattogohan15

April 3, 2023
- Received: agrabah04, channel08, fairytales09, futuring04, kiyohime15, omnipedia03, galatine10, camaraderie18, doberman02, marishiten03

April 2, 2023
- Received: samuraionnna04, pinkskull16, redeyes10, 005, sitar07, nichirin02, toblerone10, fashion01, cureange20, traverse06, mach501, translator05, jerseys14, orbital09, hearts16, hypnotize20, bloodline01, mathlesson16, tsukumogami09, penchant04, frelia14, attention01, inspired11, chain11, eyes07, medical04, sharp17, axolotl20, venomous06, gawrsh17, 1 green crayon
- Received: icicle10, backgrounds05, galge11, allmeans01, friege07, killerqueen16, silkmoth19, nthcolor10
- Received dotdotdot12, freestyle02, psg118, femaleidols09, tao05, normies11, vivids06, onii-chan05, wetsuit04, poroneu02, spiderqueen20, whips05, narcissist17, cult12, leocorp19, pockets07, ishidaa15, melonpan19, self-driven07, koyasut08, byakuei17, council05, yasakani13, verycute05, supernova10, vaniville11, dwn-03509, younggirls08, folklore19, manipulative02, 1 gray crayon
- Received: spoiled20, hotsprings06, haicopy04, bag01, playing15, swimtrunks05, elevator19, asturia17, scales19, hikineet08, stonemask18, moongold02

March 31, 2023
- Gifts from sangonomiyas: gangboss07, rev16, 2 gray crayons
- Received: 1 brown crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 red crayon

March 30, 2023
- Traded with sanshoku: sapientia02, mysterious10 > specialeyes06, orca08
- Gifts from sanshoku: 2 orange crayons

March 29, 2023
- Received: basketballs17, analog10, tracker11, schwert11, yamigarasu15, sourgrapes02, okimunpe03, psystrike17, neko-owo15, meibe01, sagitta04, sagitta13, dixneuf09, enmity09, haybales01, manly13
- Gifts from beezebeora: secretrooms13, handicraft11
- Received: signature x3

March 28, 2023
- Received: qrcode05, theriot01, shadowwatch01, petpals15, frenzy01, gorogoro01, pikapapow01, linefaced01, peachclass01, gone04, huckfinn10, sapientia02, tradition04, rabbithero18, riolu05, convoy01, photoclub16, specialeyes19
- Swapped eradicate10, lovelove16, thewall04, illegal17 > totty03, oshi-san19, rcplane03, brown01
- Donated to Coloring Book 299: purple crayon x1
- Traded with crabg1rl: photoclub16 > ruemorgue20

March 27, 2023
- Received: illegal17, crystals09, lovelove16, reactions14, stmichaels11, mysterious10, thunderer16, nude14
- Traded with Wanderlast: spicyageha03 > megamerge12
- Gifts from Wanderlast: double crayon rainbow
- Gifts from Cvrsed: redroom16, 4 purple crayons

March 26, 2023
- Received: secretrooms01, ruemorge01, secretrooms02, gangboss01, secretrooms03, secretrooms04, wishes01, orca01, secretrooms07, megamerge02, secretrooms08, secretrooms09

March 25, 2023
- Gifts from Admiral: 1 red crayon, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 6 blue crayons, 3 purple crayons, 6 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon

March 24, 2023
- Gifts from Ange: gangboss08, idolself09, inheritance20, megamerge01, optometry18, orca19, overexcited17, rev20, unowen20, villager03, wishes05, wishes06

March 23, 2023
- Gifts from Ares: ruemorge11, megamerge14, arcticwolf16

March 22, 2023
- Joined
- Gifts from Koinuko: donutpond07, easel18, handicraft08, horny05, magnificent16, rolls06, rolls14, ruemorgue07, secretrooms14, secretrooms20, a crayon rainbow

x5 x5 x8 x7 x11 x12 x12 x8

Feel free to ask to trade signatures if I have at least one copy of my signature here!
What's This About?

Colors TCG is a digital trading card game that has been ongoing since 2010, and is run primarily through Dreamwidth.
The main gameplay consists of collecting and trading colorful cards based on East Asian media such as anime, manga/manhua, and videogames.
Decks feature specific characters or casts, or can be centered around a specific theme.

You can find more information on their website as well as the rules for joining and playing.
If it seems daunting at first, I don't blame you. But I learned a whole lot through Koinuko's ongoing guide for it, which is extremely helpful for new players. Thank you Koinuko!

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