Frequenty Asked Questions

Since I am commonly E-mailed the same few questions, I've decided to list those questions here to save us both time. Any further E-mails with these questions will be ignored.

Q: "Can we link exchange or be affiliates?"
A: I don't link exchange with sites I'm not familiar with. All of the sites listed on my buttons wall I've found through my own internet travels and have added out of admiration. I also no longer maintain an affiliates list.

Q: "What happened to the affiliates list?"
A: I no longer maintain an affiliates list for many reasons. One, because I feel as if the line between affiliates and friends were blurred. And two, because I kept getting e-mails about being affiliates which I had to decline. I've changed my "affiliates" list to a "friends" list instead, to save the confusion.

Q: "Can we be friends?"
A: As much as I appreciate the gesture, I'm very socially inept and most of the time I wouldn't know how to reply to this question. If you want to be friends, strike up a conversation with me through E-mail or Discord and a friendship may form naturally.

Q: "Could you change/remove my button from your buttons list?"
A: Absolutely. Just E-mail me with the URL of your site and an image of the exact button you want removed/changed (and the new one if applicable)
If I ever forget to change it after saying I would, just E-mail me again. I have a bad memory.

Q: "Can you help me with my website/code my website for me?"
A: No. I'm not a teacher, and I recieve this exact e-mail every other day. I can't help all of you. I do include coding resources in my bookmarks page though.

Q: "How did you code X?"
A: You are free to reference any of my code, but I encourage you to learn how to do it yourself rather than just copy and paste mine. There are various search engines for you to choose from. I even provide HTML learning resources on my bookmarks page.

Q: "Do you take layout/asset commissions?"
A: No. Coding is my hobby, not my job. And as such, I won't accept payment for it. I have issues with work and time management so getting stuff done is difficult for me.

Q: "Are all of your assets free to use?"
A: I would prefer you not to use the assets on my site unless you are 100% sure they aren't mine. A good portion of the assets used on my website are handmade by me, for use on Dokodemo only. Seeing people take them and use for their own projects is really disheartening. Things like the rotating fridge gif was modeled, textured, animated, and made into a gif all by hand and it took me hours. They're not just graphics, they're my own art pieces.
If something fits the site's colors/theme "a little too well" it's PROBABLY made for personal use.
This goes for every other personal website you stumble across online. Please respect your fellow artists and create something original and unique.
HOWEVER I do offer a free to use asset page here!

Q: "What is the song playing on X page?"
A: Most if not all of the songs played on my site (aside from my about-me page) are from videogames. I don't have a cohesive list because that's too much for me to maintain, but if a song's title isn't written next to the audio player, you can check the source for the mp3 file name.

Q: "I've found a broken or incomplete page. Is this intentional?"
A: Consider I edit locally and don't upload changes until they're complete, if something isn't working the way it should then it's most likely not intentional unless otherwise specified (under construction notice, etc). If its something you think I wouldn't notice normally, please E-mail me a link to the page and I'll fix it. I would appreciate it very much!

Q: "I've found someone claiming to be you, but you don't link to this profile anywhere on your site. Is this person you?"
A: Most likely not. I'm not on social media (if you don't count Soundcloud or Youtube) so if you find anyone using my name/site name somewhere else it's definitely not me. I've also had a few copycat websites claiming to belong to me, but Dokodemo is the only website I currently own.
I've included a full list of places you can find me online in my about-me page. Please let me know if you see someone pretending to be me, and do not attempt to handle it yourself.

Q: "Do you know what happened to Onionroom?"
A: I ate it.

Q: "What are your favorite Pokemon?"
A: Shinx and Furret!