Create a (fake?) marriage certificate for you and your favorite characters!
This project was heavily inspired by the now dead "Marry Your Favorite Character Online" website which went down without any warning.
There have been other marriage certificate creators that have popped up here n there, but there were never any as great as MYFCO.

So I've created my own, with extensive customization features. For all of us who still want to display the love for our favorite characters!
Unfortunately, not with the entire website and character database that MYFCO had.
RIP Marry Your Favorite Character Online, which brought so much joy to many animanga fans over the years.

How to use:

If you can't figure out how to use this, I'm not sure what to say.
Just input whatever in the fields below and click submit, it'll show on the image.
Image size doesn't matter, it'll get scaled to fit the box.
Once done, you can just screenshot it and upload it wherever you please.
(Screenshot because I can't figure out a way to export it and im lazy)
You don't have to link back to this page if you upload it, but you can if you want.




Your name:

Their name:


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Display your love for your favorite characters with these other cool websites:
Koinuko's Marriage Certification Generator v1 - Certificate generator, similar to this one
Soaprman's Anime Marriage Signature Generator This one creates a small pixel certificate
Marry Your Favorite Character Online - Archive, unusable without an account - Create a virtual shrine for your waifu