How much do you know about Splatoon?

This quiz will test how much you know about Splatoon, and you'll recieve a reward to display wherever you want! Some answers will be true or false, while others will be multiple choice. Good luck!

Let's start with the easiest one. Out of these, which weapon has the furthest range?

According to Splatoon lore, there was a historical event that created a division between inklings and octolings. What was this event called?

After you complete certain requirements after the main story mode of Splatoon 2, you're rewarded with exclusive items you can't find anywhere else in game. What are they?

When the original Splatoon was first released, there was a level cap and no such thing as "star" levels. What was the highest level you were able to reach?

Annie is the sea anemone merchant of Cooler Heads, and she has a "pet" living in her hair. What is this pets name?

Depending on what your ink color currently is, your weapon and gear might also change color. Some do not, however. Out of these four weapons, which one DOES change color?

The Splatoon 3 amiibos actually have official names, rather than just "inkling girl." What are the names of the Inkling girl and Octoling boy?

There are actual internal names for each of the teams during battle. What are they?

During Clam Blitz, how many points is a single clam worth when tossed into the basket?

In Salmon Run during the night time event "Mothership," what are the names of the salmonids that carry the coolers?

About how many direct hits from a burst bomb does it take to splat an opponent?

As of April 2023, which in-universe musician(s) has the most ORIGINAL music? This excludes variants, remixes, and jingles.

All of the bands in the Splatoon speak in entirely gibberish, whether that be the inkling or octarian language. However, there is one band/artist that actually uses human language. Which band/artist is this?

Dedf1sh is an octoling DJ whose music was introduced in the Octo Expansion, all of her songs are labled by number alongside a single word. What is #8 called?

Splatoon has done many collaborations with real world companies and media. Which of these have they NOT collaborated with?

In the Splatoon universe, there are fictional brands assigned to gear and weapons. A lot of their logos resemble squids and octopi, but which of these logos does NOT?

Which of these brands contains the most total gear?

In Japan, there's a spin-off manga about Splatoon. Fans differentiate this manga from the games by calling it something other than simply "Splatoon." That name is...

Another manga question. The manga's chapters are initially published through...

Now time for some true or false questions!
After the events of Splatoon 1, the Squid Sisters retired their idol career to become full-time agents.

The idols of Splatoon 2 were originally supposed to be both octolings, but the idea was scrapped.

Callie and Marie are actually cuttlefish.

Once during Splatoon 3's lifetime, Rainmaker - randomly - stopped functioning. The mode was removed from the schedule for a few days while it was being fixed.

Harmony from the Chirpy Chips is the only (non-idol) music artist to be given an actual in-game model.

There was originally red ink during the Splatoon beta, but it was removed from the final game because people complained that it looked too much like blood.

Nintendo once hosted a real world event where players participated in a real life Turf War with replicas of the weapons.

The closest Splatfest score difference in Splatoon history was only 4 points.

Octo Troops are actually the severed tentacles of Octolings which gained sentience

There is a swear word in a Splatoon game that exists in all translations of the game.

Murch and Spyke are cousins

During a Big Run, the sky changes color during Recon mode.