Which Splatoon Idol are you most like?

This quiz will tell you which Splatoon idol you are most like, and you'll recieve a little image to display wherever you want!

Note that this quiz was made very early on in Splatoon 3's lifespan, and answers/results for Deep Cut members may not be accurate as we don't know much about their personality or history as of now. I tried my best to keep things accurate enough without taking too much creative liberty.

Let's start with a given question, what type of person are you?

What's your primary goal in life?

Out of these colors, which is your favorite?

Out of these genres, which do you listen to the most?

During battle, what's your playstyle?

A group of bad guys kidnapped your best friend and put them in danger! What do you do?

If you could choose any teammate, who or what would it be?

It's Halloween! What will you be dressing up as?

When it starts to get cold outside, what do you do?

It's movie night! What are you watching?

If you could pick anything to eat, what would it be?

And finally, who is your favorite idol?