12:13 PM 9/13/2022

why do my hobbies have to be so expensive? the other day I spent 80$ (not even my own money) on Splatoon 3 + online. and a few days before i had bought a couple bjd blanks since i want to get into doll customizing. ive already made a few clay/fabric dolls before, but im not the best with clay. so i was planning to just find plastic dolls to use as a base and customize the shape with air dry clay. i actually saw these adorable dolls at a toy store the other day, the name escapes me but they were more realistic looking rather than trying SO hard to be "cute" like most toys nowadays. i think its because they were supposed to be based on real people, i can't tell. they were adorable though, and i wanted one so i could customize it. since the shape was cute, and the outfits were realistic

and more vintage-y. i'm not a huge fan of those over the top fashion dolls that most toys are. thats why i absolutely love calico critters. their clothes are simple and sometimes old fashioned, it's adorable. but its a shame calico critters are wayy too small to even customize beyond just a shirt or hat.

anyway speaking of those dolls i saw the other day the only complaint i had about them was how they lacked knee joints. i absolutely hate when dolls dont have knee joints because then you cant make them sit without it looking awkward. if it doesnt have ankle and wrist joints im fine. im fine without a waist "joint" too, despite it looking a little stiff. but the lack of knee joints is what completely ruins it for me. ugh.