these dolls werent even that high quality either. the outfits were cute, better fabric than most dolls. but the lack of joints made them look cheap. and the plastic was hard on the body but the heads were squishy. i hate that tbh. but they were 30$! which is.. way too much money id like to spend on a little doll that couldnt have been any taller than my phone. i hate how everything is so expensive!!! aaarghhhh!

10:12 AM 9/24/2022

it's saturday and today's the second day of the splatfest in splatoon 3. my dad wants everyone to clean out the entire house because it's starting to get cold. i don't understand why he wants to do chores on a saturday. not that i have anything to do on week days, but i know they do. my dad has a problem with thinking everyone is lazy if they arent working 24/7. he complains that he's working when he's working, but complains that he's not working when he's not working. he complains about doing too much at once despite the fact he's the one doing too much at once. he can't even spend a saturday relaxed like the rest of us.