Hey, you! Ever wanted to catch and display your favorite Pokemon on your website with a little certificate to prove ownership? Well now you can.

Pokering is a webring designed to look like the Pokewalker.
but with the power of modern technology, it has more functionality than the original Pokewalker (as in, the buttons just function as a webring) and can display high color animated sprites

So what are you waiting for, trainer?
Click the Pokeball below to enter the Safari and catch your new Pokemon!

Already have a favorite Pokemon in mind and don't want to enter the Safari? That's fine too.
The Safari is just for those who want to join the ring but need a suggestion on which Pokemon they should catch.

How The Ring Works

Display your love for that one Pokemon you have a special attachment to! Once a Pokemon is claimed, no one else in the ring can claim the same Pokemon. First come, first served!

Click the screen of the Pokewalker to display Pokemon information, such as its name, the trainer, and the caught date. (Currently, the Pokeball and Oran icons don't do anything... yet)

You can preview the (functioning) widget on the right!

How to join

To join, just fill out the form below and send it as an E-mail

Pokemon you want to claim:
Name you want to give your Pokemon:
Pokemon gender (for sprite differences):
Your name:
Your website URL:

If the Pokemon you've claimed isn't already taken, I'll let you know when you've been added to the ring.
Then you can add the widet to your site.

Important: Because pixel sprites haven't been a thing since gen 5, I can't do any Pokemon from gen 6 onward. UNLESS you can provide a custom sprite you've made yourself, or have gotten permission from the creator for me to use.
Here's a page that contains all of the animated sprites from Black & White, if you need a refresher.
If you prefer non-animated sprites, you can choose some from Gen 4 or Gen 3. Just make sure you tell me in the E-mail or link me to the sprite you want.

"Can I claim a shiny?": Right now, I don't know how to implement shinies into the ring. I don't know what would make it fair, so I'm just going to disallow any shiny Pokemon. Sorry. But, I'll still allow people to pick "secret" Pokemon such as MissingNo. or Substitute.

"Can I claim a legendary?": Yes! Legendaries and mythicals are allowed.

"Can I claim an evolution of a Pokemon that's already claimed?": Yes! For example, if someone claims Pikachu, you can't claim Pikachu but you can claim Pichu or Raichu. It's totally okay.

"Can I claim another variant or form of a Pokemon?": Yes! For Pokemon with regional, form, or color variants such as Unown, Castform, Rotom, or Vivillon (just a few examples) one of each variant can be claimed. Gender and legendary forms are not allowed, sorry!

"Can I use a Fakemon?": If the sprite is created by you, or you have permission to use the sprite, absolutely! Just E-mail me and let me know it's a Fakemon. If it's not your own Fakemon, please let me know who the artist is.

Widget Code:

<script src="https://dokodemo.neocities.org/pokering/pokering.js"></script>
<pokering-script site="YOUR URL HERE"></pokering-script>

The widget won't appear on your site unless I've added you to the ring, so don't add the script until I let you know.

If you have any problems with the ring appearing on your site, it's broken, you want to leave, or you wish to change your Pokemon, you can just E-mail me again.

Pokemon Date Caught Trainer