What is Lapfox?

Lapfox Trax is a fictional record label created by Emma Essex. It began as Vulpvibe Records in 2007, then it rebranded into Lapfox Trax in 2009, and then once again into Halley Labs in 2015. Halley Labs is the current label Emma uses for her music, but I figured I'd dedicate this shrine to the Lapfox Trax label since it was my favorite era and the one that means the most to me.

Lapfox Trax is a fictional record label, meaning the people that are signed to the label don't actually exist.
Lapfox is unique because Emma had created these fictional characters assigned to each alias under the Lapfox Trax label. Making it appear as if there were multiple people making different music, when it was all just the same person.
Renard Queenston was not Emma herself, Renard was a fursona that Emma used to create gabber music under.
Truxton was not Emma herself, Truxton was another fursona she had used to create mashups under.
Negaren, Kitsune^2, Mayhem, Jackal Queenston, all of them were not just Emma herself, but their own characters with their own personalities and their own music genres assigned to them.

Why I love Lapfox Trax so much is not only because of the music itself, but because of the vast selection of genres Emma has chosen to represent in this label. From breakcore, to happy hardcore, to gabber, to raggacore, to hardstyle, to speedcore, DnB, fusion, dubstep, noise, chiptune, digital hardcore, trap, pop...
You name it and Emma has probably done it.
And not to mention Emma's INSANE discography. Seriously. She has single handedly made thousands upon thousands of songs and has designed nearly hundreds of unique characters.
Quoting from the Wiki, "Halley Labs [Lapfox Trax] has been operating for over a decade, with over 302 releases and 61 different aliases. "

How I got into Lapfox

Back in 2015 I was really into the music artist Futret. Surprisingly, I didn't find Lapfox Trax through his collaboration album with Ren. I found Lapfox by mistake while searching the lyrics of a Futret song. Leading me to somehow find Hank Made Me Vomit (Good Riddance, Undying Shitlord) or You Are My Forever-Shining Guardian Light But You Can Still Suck A Fat Dick which means a lot to me for that very reason, even if it's a mediocre Renard song.
I had actually heard a couple Lapfox songs before though without knowing it. One of them being Atomizer by Furries In A Blender, and I had only recognized it because of a remix I heard YEARS prior by The Living Tombstone out of ALL people. ([link] go listen to it it goes so hard and its SUPER underrated)

My Favorite Aliases

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GENRE: Gabber, breakcore, raggacore
YEARS ACTIVE: 2005 - 2018

Renard was my first introduction into Lapfox Trax. I hold him near and dear to my heart because of this, and his music is also a huge inspiration of mine. His songs range from funny to emotional, aggressive to melodic.
Renard is probably the most recognizable face of the Lapfox Trax label because he was there since the beginning.
Not many Renard songs have been released in the past few years, so you might consider the alias dead. But even his songs from nearly two decades ago will never be overplayed (at least to me)

Pyramid Head Is The Worlds Greatest Lover
Hank Made Me Vomit (Good Riddance, Undying Shitlord)
Sean Paul Opens a MF Carnival
Even The Odd Found Love

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