Photos and Memories!

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Fire vs Grass vs Water Splatfest

My second Splatfest of Splatoon 3! I had such a great time and took many pictures.

My first 100x battle. We won but I didn't get a picture of it.. I was too excited.

Got together with some people on a Discord server and we shot for Max Synergy

Sloshing Machine hell


Drizzle Season 2022

That time my entire team disconnected except for me during ranked lmao

Single handed wipe (i died tho)

End of Drizzle Season 2022! I had so much fun but got stuck in S rank hell lol

Chill Season 2022

Some of my looks I had at the time, the one on the far right being my main 'fit for Flingza

Got in the top 5% of the very first Big Run

Weirdest ink coverage ever. How did this even happen? I don't remember what mode this was

Two words... I carried

This is (edit: was) my main look that I'm thinking of turning into his own character. He mains the Heavy Splatling and I need art of him...
(you can tell I love the Tableturf emote)

Fresh Season 2023

He's back!
30 dollar plaza

ok i lied about my last "main" outfit and made a new one, ive been using this one for months and i love it. its so silly but i havent seen anyone spout this fit so its something unique for once (tired of seeing inkfall kensa pearl oister fits lmao)
oh also i picked up the heavy splatling a few months ago and i fell in love with it. in splatoon 2 my main weapons were the splat roller, splat dualies, and dapple dualies. i wasnt really vibing with any of the weapons in 3 except for flingza but i got bored of it real quick, tried heavy cause ive never used a splatling before (let alone tried backline) and ooohhhh its so perfect for me. i love this weapon so much.

These two videos were taken during a shitty server day. Ranked was a MESS. So many disconnects, glitches, ahhh! SO most of the time we just squid partied

Got doubleteamed by krakens, their hitboxes fucked up fr (ignore my shit aim here idk what was going on)

Nessie vs Aliens vs Big Foot Splatfest

It's good to be back in Inkopolis and see the Squid Sisters preforming! I had so much fun. This Splatfest is the happiest I've been in months.

I had too much fun taking pictures heheh

The bloom filter makes everything look so much more lively and exciting, it's my favorite for Splatfest photography.
The new Squid Sisters song though is SO good and I enjoyed Tomorrow's Nostalgia Today much more than the one playing during battles. Nintendo spoiled us dropping two Squid Sisters songs in one update. Hope for more in the future. AND NO WAY THEY COLLABED WITH BIG MAN FOR LIQUID SUNSHINE!

I was on Team Nessie for the fest and this was the first Splatfest of Splatoon 3 I was on the winning team for. I've been on Shiver's team every single time except for once I PROMISE IM NOT A SHIVER STAN (she's my least fave unfortunately), I just happen to agree with her on alot of her choices heheh

To be continued...