Notes: I just learned while making this that there are two versions of this song, surprisingly. a short version that plays during turf war, and a full version that plays during annarchy. and its not just cause the end gets cut off from the time limit haha. dunno why this is only for this song and not any others.

I don't know but
Who's this callin'?
Keeps on comin'
by by-by-ba-ba-ba-ba

I know that you wanna
so come a little closer
and everybody wants to
come on shake your body and move

I'm just feelin'
Is this fine?
It keeps my singing
going do-do-do-do-do-do

You're a little thrower
and everybody knows it
You're not feelin' nothin'
Come on shake your body tonight!

I'm dancing because I don't wanna feel sad this time

Dancing because you don't wanna feel sad and cry

I'm here I just got a little bored, so...

just get over here now and show me how it's done.

Come on shake your body, even though you wanna stop!

Come on don't stop, as long as you got it
Grab a friend for this, standing right beside the stage

Come on everybody, you all know how to do this
You all know how to move, a little bit to blow off steam, for this team, so lets go!