Notes: Absolutely in love with the way they chop up vocals from human songs here to speak in the inkling language, as if it were vocaloid.
Had some trouble with the lyrics for this one though since the sounds are more "clear" compared to the bubbly squid language. I had to keep rewriting until it sounded right. This is real human language being spoken yet it feels like something you'd hear in a dream, you can't piece it together correctly and it's entirely nonsensical.

Inside it's cold at midnight
Come on please, it's time for peace
I'm sure of it

I'm finally breaking out of it
Of what kept me all blocked in
It moved inside
I'm still fine, get up, get up

Inside at least I'm present for you
Baby, pause your flaws, you say sir

Don't care about that things wait
For you to show that I show come outside
Time to rock

It's time to maybe keep up the thought keeping me but
Wouldn't you like to have me for your bed?

Woah ah oh oh
Woah ah oh

Woah oh oh oh oh
Don't stop me now