Ink Me Up
Squid Sisters

Color codes: Callie, Marie, both/unknown
Notes: No clue who the backing vocalist is, maybe it says something in the lore about it. But I don't feel like looking it up

You and me are ready to jump to write this song
Got a shiny shiny
rhythm on the way

We need dancing and such
but not a scene when we're on...

We need battles

(Give it your all)

So ink me up
and do what you already know
and we already know

(Go and move fast)

But don't be slow and do
what you're really really good at
Though, don't be too fast

(Feeling hot now)

And if you want to choose win then
go on kid, and ink up that wall

(But you're a true fan)

You stand a really pretty chance

(Have a good team)

This is a really gritty battle
Come get some