Ink Or Sink
Squid Squad

Color codes: Ichiya, Ikkan, unknown (possibly Murasaki)
Notes: I assume the backing vocalist is Murasaki because the same vocals are present in Front Roe, a band without Ikkan. So we can assume it's not Ikkan singing normally. I don't think it's Namida either because they're pretty masculine, and she's the only girl.

We're coming up
(So get on up)
I'm here for you
(So come on up)

You say you're new
(but you don't know)
We sing it lou-ou-ou-ou-oud

I'm claiming you
(So clean it up)
I'm not so new
(and we're gonna)

sing for you all
(come on and now)
I'm saying shout
(he's saying now)

I say you're so
(deep in it now)
Just so you know
(we get it now)

Now sing it lou-ou-ou-ou-oud

Hey now jump on up
I got the key got the stuff to play it so loud, and we won't stop

We just hype it up
so please don't be gone for the king of this rock

I'd never think
That we got the stuff to be here or given a shot

Step on up
Got to be what you want so trust me