DOKODEMO is my personal website, a hobby project which serves as a time capsule to the earlier days of the web. I've created this site to entertain, inspire, and share things with the world!

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You can call me Suni (soo-nee)
I'm a 19 year-old unemployed highschool drop-out (a NEET) who never grew out of his childhood interests and this website is the byproduct of that.

I first became interested in personal websites back in 2018, I had stumbled across Neocities while trying to create an HTML based visual novel.
Although I don't post much literature or art here now, the site's become a sort of amalgamation of all my interests and passions shoved into one place.

This site's theme is heavily inspired by the Kirby and Doko Demo Issyo franchaises, and you'll find lots of references to other SNES & PS1 titles.

You can read more about me and my site here.

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