Hello and WELCOME to my HTML tutorial!
If you're stuck on where to begin with creating your very own website, you've come to the right place!

It's difficult to know where to begin with creating a website...
Most tutorials online are made for students aiming to create professional looking websites, using modern methods such as complex Javascript libraries and bootstrap templates.
If you don't know what any of those words mean, forget it! Because we won't be using those in this tutorial!

Before we start, let me tell you a story about younger me, way back when personal websites were only just starting to gain popularity once again. There weren't many (if at all) new tutorials, and Yahoo Geocities was long gone so finding any old tutorials was difficult. If you didn't already come from a coding background, it was super confusing on where to start.
Most of what I learned was through trial and error.
Luckily, personal websites are booming again and there are plenty of tutorials out there for you to choose from. So I'm really glad you decided to pick mine.

Again, about me. I was never a good student in school. I struggled with a learning disability which was never accomidated for. Because of that, I was always a visual learner. I had to see examples to understand things, and I know there are a lot of people like me who want to learn, but can't really function in a classroom setting where spoken words would go in one ear and out the other.

I used to have an old HTML tutorial which I never finished, and looking back on it, it's just a huge block of text which honestly scared me. So in this tutorial, I will try my best to make things easy to digest by separating things with examples and images.

So once again, welcome to the tutorial and I hope it is able to teach you something!

Before we begin I just wanted to talk about what to expect in this tutorial.
This tutorial assumes you have 0 knowledge of HTML and coding, it will start from square one. If you already know the bare basics (ie: what HTML does, what tags are, etc) you can skip "What to know before getting started'.

This tutorial will also assume you're working locally. What that means is you're building the website with files on your own computer, not through Neocities (or any other web hosts) directory.

Why we aren't using Neocities (or any other web hosts) dashboard to build the website:
This does not mean you arent going to be publishing your website onto the web.
Neocities code editor (and dashboard) tends to be glitchy and unreliable. To save a headache, just edit locally.
It's good practice to have one copy stored locally (which is the one you'll be editing) and have the Neocities copy the "public" one, which you will be overwriting with all of the changes.

If that sounds confusing... basically, please just edit your website locally and not directly on Neocities.

This tutorial will also assume you already have a code editor.
If not, click here for suggestions or help finding a suitable one.